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why chose us!

Marketing assets

Street contact offers you the possibility to promote your band. 


We think that strong alliances guarantee the success of your projects.  

city knowledge

Has a Brighton-based company all of our members have a strong experience of the city.

our engagements

In street contact, we always ensure the good running of each project.


We're proud to have a young team working with us, sharing the same ambitions. 

our know-how

All of our managers are in contact with music and event industry.

Event management

At Street Contact every customer is unique, that's why we don't offer a catalogue of our products but we adapt our services to each project. 


  • We offer the possibility to organize your event,  ( live music events)  to book places in  Brighton and also manage the marketing if needed.


  • Brighton offers a big potential in music event with many well-known locations like ( The Prince Albert, The Hope and Ruin,  or Green Doors Store . . .) we can manage the booking the tickets stand and also possibly the advertising for the gig. We are open to every kind of music and understand the problems that musicians can meet in the process of playing live as we offer you an adequate structure. 


If you're interested or for more information please contact us for free cote!


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